Want to learn more about the bumblebees? You are in the right place. 

A little story behind..

Restarted officially in January 2018, by foreign-born Viennese women themselves, we started by the name KulturenReich. As a social initiative, it offered a different standpoint to recognize foreigners especially women to integrate into society and make positive contribution. We aimed to support foreign-born and international women with a better start in Vienna. We are committed to inspire international women to be financially independent and successful.

March: Officially part of CERIecon Playpark Vienna, a project by Interreg Central Europe and Wien Universitäat incubator for young start-up and future entrepreneurs.

August: Registered as an association in Vienna – Austria. Also signed an agreement with Inclusion @Work.

Ocotober: Held our first entrepreneurs matchmaking event Find Your Female Co-Founder, and first entrepreneurship academy OpenBox Academy.

November: Second OpenBox Academy created.

January: Officially part of Found! a social startup incubator from Impact Hub Vienna and Deloitte Österreich.

March: Officially signed a partnership agreement with Vienna Business Agency (Wirtschaftagenture Wien) to hold Find Your Co-Founder events.

April: Held third entrepreneurship academy, namely We DO Academy.

September: KulturenReich sponsored Vienna Techstars Startup Weekend Women.

And here we are..

In 2020, we aim to be more inclusive and to support as many women as possible. Hence we decided to change our name from KulturenReich to WeDO5. Our 5 stands for the 5th Sustainable Development Goal on Gender Equality from the UN, which focuses on empowering women and girls and ensuring their equal rights. WeDO5 is an organisation that supports female entrepreneurs with a focus on impact start-ups. Through the new brand, we are committed to inspire women to build game-changer ventures, and to rise. We strive to be better, more supportive, inclusive and to create positive impacts for females in the startup world and the entrepreneurship journey.

Wondering what's with the bumblebee logo?

We love bumblebees because against all odds, its very small wings are able to support its heavy body. It is a metaphor, even when it feels impossible, it is always possible to conquer our goals. They say "there is no way that a bumblebee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its body off the ground. The bumblebee, of course, flies anyway despite what it has been told it cannot do. The bumblebee knows its own strength."

The Team

Co-Founder. Provider of energy and catchy anecdotes. With the boundless energy of a puppy, Tila is our fearless provider of inspiration and chief networker. Tila is an innovation economist, impact entrepreneur, a certified trainer and certified management consultant. She has provided advisory and training services to several international organizations, national governments, startup ecosystems  and private ventures in two dozen countries, specializing in the formation of national strategies and the negotiation of bilateral and multilateral agreements.
Dipl.Ök.Mag. Asetila Köstinger CMC CEC
Co-Founder. Our planner and a creative flair specialist. With years of experience in executing and developing marketing strategies, Amy’s expertise spans from Corporate Communications, Digital Marketing; and Sales. With several experiences in different cities such as Oxford – United Kingdom, Dubai – UAE, and of course Vienna, she brings her intercultural understanding to the organization, as well as she is our go-to person for marketing and external outreach.
Amarilla Nirmala, B.A, M.A
Co-Founder. The Digital Whizz and Customer Advocate. Astrid is passionate about customers – throughout her professional life she has always asked: “Why should a customer buy this from us?”. Utilizing a blend of empathy, personal experiences, data, methods from design thinking she brings in the customer focus in a business. Astrid is a business consultant, certified project manager, Design Sprint Master, systemic coach and brings in more than 25 years of experience in consulting, sales and marketing working for large tech corporations.
Mag. Astrid Weikmann
Co-Founder The GoodStartup School
Lady master networker and go-to for building a team. Laura supports startups with HR strategies to source, build and develop a team. She has a background in human resource development, extensive international experience and has managed all aspects of the HR function from recruiting, to training, to expatriate management. With a corporate background, an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for diversity and inclusion, she is committed to empowering more women to create impact initiatives.
Laura Dumas Kozub, PHR
Talent Attractor & Creator