WeDO5 GoodStartup School

The GSS is a virtual and experiental
 framework and community for early
 stage female entrepreneurs to define,
 design, and measure -their business
 idea progress,  developed 
and delivered from 
female Entrepreneurs




Learn how to turn your startup idea into a viable business idea in our 5 weeks online course!  

Our hands-on programme to support female-led impact startups at an early stage takes participants from idea to prototype to end with a ready-made pitch and a Minimum Viable Product based on validated customers needs.  

5 weeks duration with experimental learning methods.

Two hours of mentoring to keep you on the right path.

Additional homework to speed up the progress of your business idea with feedback in the next week!

Get ready for your course!

Here are the outlines of what will be covered during the course, what your tasks will be each week and what our expectations are, so you will be fully prepared to have an exciting and positively learning experience!

June 15th – 18th 2020

Is there a need for your product or service and a potential market? 


June 22nd – 26th 2020


Am I building something people want and are willing to pay for it? 


June 29th – July 2nd 2020

Why and how can we design purpose-driven ideas and impact business models

(that is aligned with at least one SDG )

July 6th – 9th 2020

What is my Minimum Viable Product/Service and how to create something you can present to further test your idea?

July 13th – 16th 2020

What are the keys to designing and delivering a winning pitch?   

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